Cruises and Boat Trips


Private Boat Trips

Boat trips tailored for you with the goal of taking you to the best observation spots in the Hamina and Virolahti archipelago!

A unique and outstanding chance of seeing the Arktika migration in the eastern waters of the Gulf of Finland archipelago together with an experienced organizer. Jukka Pekkala, the guide driving the boat, has an experience of over 400 Arktika days with the migration and the archipelago.

We offer four options, each lasting a different time, including a trip with guidance and coffee for groups of six or less. The length of the trip varies between 7 and 18 hours! If you do not find a suitable option, we can always offer a trip tailored according to your needs alone!
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Boat trips to the islands of the eastern Gulf of Finland from the Virolahti village

Jukka Niemelä, 040 553 8545
Teuvo Niemelä, 040 500 2758