Arktika Map of Virolahti

Birdwatching towers and good observation spots

1. The Klamila harbour, offering boat trips and cruises into the archipelago
2. The Klamila observation tower
3. The Island of Suur-Pisi
4. The Leerviik Recreational Area, the centre of the Arktika days and the observation spot for the Aidaslahti area
5. The tower of Arctic migration and Lauri’s Open-Air Church, the barbecue shed
6. The Kellovuori birdwatching tower
7. The Vilkkilä area and its birdwatching tower
8. The Kurkela birdwatching tower

Good spots for the observation of field birds

9. The Nopala field
10. Kattilainen-Häppilä, the fields by the roadside
11. The fields of Haavisto, Ylä-Pihlaja, and Ala-Pihlaja
12. The eastern Kurkela field
13. The western Kurkela field
14. The Sydänkylä fields
15. The Harju-Ravijoki region
16. The Kotola-Miehikkälä region
17. The fields in the Virolahti village

Everyman’s rights

Don’t forget the so-called everyman’s rights when following the Arktika days or remain quiet without causing any trouble to your environment or your fellow human beings. (www.ympäristö.fi/jokamiehenoikeudet)

The majority of the Virolahti shores are private. The map will inform you about the spots where you can follow the migration without causing unnecessary disturbance.

Please, be discreet to the people using the roads when parking your car by the roadside. Parking on the same side will allow the rest of the traffic to flow smoothly. During the Arktika Days, there are people driving into the fields, and these junctions should always be kept open.